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Member Support Assistant



Jackie is a Member Support Assistant at Hummingbird Cancer Support Group. She came to Hummingbird as a carer 8 years ago when her husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer.



Her husband wasn’t initially interested in attending a support group however Jackie knew that they needed some support and consequently it became part of their life for a year when they needed that help so much.  The team at Hummingbird offered them both a special time and place, but best of all was the friendship and understanding, for them and their family.  When he passed away Jackie continued to attend the group for occasional treatments but gradually got involved as a volunteer assisting with the team.  She continues to learn about Oncology and how different cancers affect people but ultimately wants to be able to help people through the challenging experience of diagnosis and treatment.

We are recruiting for massage therapy and reflexology volunteers. Please go here for more details