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Cover for Hummingbird Cancer Support Group
Hummingbird Cancer Support Group

Hummingbird Cancer Support Group

We are a group of qualified Complementary Health Therapists who have come together to volunteer and provide our time/skills in support of cancer patients and their carers whilst they cope with the worries and uncertainties arising from a cancer diagnosis.

Hummingbird Cancer Support Group is now a registered Charity 1199955What this means for our members?It means we will be able to support more people and their families when they are diagnosed with cancer. We will be able to run more sessions South Mill Arts, shout our message louder about cancer awareness, prevention and care and potentially increase availability of our service.What this means for the charity?This registration means we are more accountable and we have increased visibility in Bishops Stortford and surrounding villages. We can look for sponsorship from corporate businesses. We have improved collaborative opportunities with local businesses and we have increased access to grants and fundraising opportunities. How you can help?Like and share our posts. Look for donation opportunities and make suggestions for fundraising opportunities. Please visit our new website and let us know what you think. We have a donation portal on JustGiving, we are on the GivingLottery and you will soon be able to make donations here on Facebook. We are looking forward to developing our support group. It’s a period of change for those that know the group but we will never lose our family, friendly feel. For those that are new to the group, we will support you through your diagnosis, treatment and have different types of support available ready for you when you join. #hummingbirdcsg #localsupport #charity #donate #fundraising #cancersupport ... See MoreSee Less
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We have cancelled our session on Monday 19th September in respect of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. Our next session will take place on Monday 3rd October.