Beauty Treatments


Many people associate chemotherapy treatment with hair loss, nausea, and dry or flaking skin. However, chemotherapy and cancer medications are notorious for affecting both the look and overall health of your fingernails and a big difference can often be noticed.



This is where manicures come in. Nail treatments can be the key to both alleviating common effects, reducing the severity of them and revitalizing your nail beds and cuticles. 



Manicures are incredibly relaxing. Aside from the blissful effects of the massage, this is also a great way to set aside time that is just for you. Whether you need time to think, chat or just sit with a coffee while your nails are done, the experience provides plenty of opportunity to take a few minutes out from a busy life, sit back and relax. Plus, the impact of taking care of your nails, both in terms of aesthetics and contentment, can make you feel good, long after you finish the appointment.