Anyone can join Hummingbird Cancer Support Group.


When you first come to Hummingbird Cancer Support Group, you can come along to any of our meeting dates – you don’t need to phone ahead.


You will be warmly welcomed by our team of volunteers who can chat with you more about the group and what to expect – a kind of ‘informal mini induction’.  You can come along on your own or with family members or people who care for you.  If you wish to enjoy a complementary therapy treatment there will be some paperwork to complete, including consent to treatment forms and an understanding of your medical interventions so that therapies can be done safely.



If you have received a cancer diagnosis or are a carer of a cancer patient you can join free of charge.


You may also, of course, join us as a volunteer.

Alternatively, you can also contact us by phone or email.


Before you can book and receive any treatments, you must do the following:


  • Provide us with GP or oncologist consent to receive our treatments.



  • Sign the consent to treatment form


  • Family and friends may access the services of the support group, but they must complete the consent form and disclose any medical conditions that may be relevant.