Reiki is a gentle, nurturing and powerful system of natural, hands-on healing.  It is completely safe and complementary to all forms of health care.


The word Reiki means universal life energy.  This energy has been recognized and worked with by many cultures.  Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga are all based on the principle of encouraging life energy to flow freely through the body.



As a therapy Reiki is an effective and simple way of tapping into this energy, which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


The benefits are numerous and occur on many levels, not just the physical.


Reiki relieves stress and tension, it can relieve and control pain and accelerate the healing process.  All can use it safely from new-born babies to the elderly.  It is currently being used in GP surgeries, hospices, drug rehab centres, prisons, care for the elderly, cancer groups and animal shelters.


Reiki treatments are non-diagnostic and non-interventionist.  There is no manipulation or pressure applied.  A treatment is carried out with the client lying down or sitting, fully clothed, apart from shoes.  The practitioner places his/her hands on or over the body.  The client’s energy system only takes in as much energy as is needed and uses this in a way most appropriate at the time.  The most common feeling after the treatment is one of calmness and relaxation.