What You Would Do?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you discovered unexplained bleeding or pain?

Have you experienced rapid weight loss or noticed that you are unusually tired? It’s a challenging time of year now.


It is cold and damp and we are waiting for spring to properly spring! However, don’t confuse this seasonal change for the signs and symptoms of some cancers. If you suspect you may have cancer or something that is not normal for you, we urge you to visit your doctor and get it checked out.


Please don’t wait thinking, “the doctors will be too busy due to covid”. You must get seen and make sure that its nothing untoward. Hummingbird Cancer Support Group, hear things like this all the time and in this country, we are fortunate to have the NHS and clinics available. The month of March is colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumour and ovarian cancer awareness month. This highlights the need to be aware of these conditions, look out for the signs and symptoms and signpost people to support groups such as Hummingbird. It’s also important to remind people to visit their GP’s, make changes to their lifestyles and ensure positive health and wellbeing.


You are fortunate in Bishop’s Stortford to have cancer care and cancer support available. If you find yourself or your friends and family with a diagnosis of cancer, go and see Hummingbird Cancer Support Group at Southmill Arts Centre. https://www.hummingbirdcancersupport.org. As a community you also have access to ‘We CAN’ Cancer Support Rehabilitation in conjunction with Herts Sports Partnership www.sportinherts.org.uk/wecan