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Member Support Assistant


Gloria is a Member Support Assistant at Hummingbird Cancer Support Group. In 2007 Gloria was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and was grateful to find Hummingbird Support Group. She found the group so beneficial as it helped her to stay calm and cope with the gruelling stages of cancer.


Gloria has also experienced cancer first hand as a family member assisting her eldest son who was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, at that time there was no Hummingbird. The family ‘groped’ their way through dark times unaided.


Both experiences were equally devastating for Gloria, but she realised that she had the compassion and knowledge to help others through their ordeals as she had been on ‘both sides of the fence’.


When people walk through the door at Hummingbird, Gloria can help them relieve some of their anxieties. Through social support, talking and listening their whole being changes. Gloria creates a compassionate, friendly environment away from a hospital environment.  To see the difference when a new patient leaves us looking less stressed and maybe with a smile, Gloria knows in her heart that she has achieved her personal aim.


The success of Hummingbird Cancer Support Group is GOOD TEAMWORK!!


We are recruiting for massage therapy and reflexology volunteers. Please go here for more details